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„SRC” company offers a wide range of ship repair services:
— ship hull cleaning
— hull motorized cleaning from foul
— hi-pressure water cleaning (from 300 bar and over 600 bar)
— sandblasting class Sa-1, Sa-2, Sa-2.5
— cleaning by motorized tools
— cleaning of ballast and cargo tanks and holds
— ship hull constructions repair and replacement
— ship hull modernization works of any complexity
— welding and deposition works
— pipelines repair
— repair of heat exchangers
— tin and lath works

For performing of the ship repair works, „SRC” company possess all necessary operation areas and a wide range of technical equipment.

— All kinds of hull works (gas-cutting, assembly, welding, testing for impenetrability)
— all kinds of non-destructive control of welding seams
— all kinds of hull repair (replacement of external shell, constructions enforcement, extension, expansion,

modernization, etc.)
— repair and replacement of hatches
— modernization works

Professional welding works is one of the most important directions of our company’s activity. All kinds of welding and metal works are performed by highly qualified specialists using modern welding and metalworking equipment.

We perform welding works of any complexity and of any size, and arc welding operations as well as gas welding operations.
All our welding operators are timely certified with corresponding certification documents and permissions to perform welding operations.

All our welding works are covered by warranty.

Welding works we offer:
— deposition repair works (shafts, axles, stocks, etc.)
— argon welding
— welding of aluminium
— arc argon welding
— welding of alloys
— welding of welding-resisting metals of complex chemical composition
— thick-walled parts welding

„SRC” company offers sandblasting and anticorrosive treatment services. We are specialized in performing high-quality cleaning of solid surfaces (metal, concrete, bricks, etc.) from corrosion, cinder, old coatings and other types of soiling, followed by covering with paintwork materials made by „HEMPEL”, „INTERNATIONAL PAINT”, „JOTUN”.

Cleaning is performed by sandblasting, what guarantees:
— high-quality surface cleaning
— substantial decrease of repair time
— increase of protective covering durability
— low unit price of treated surface

We offer the following works:
— hi-pressure water cleaning, cleaning by scrapers and disks
— sandblasting to Sa-2,5 degree
— sandblasting and painting of sheet metal and metal constructions of any complexity, tower cranes, pipes, piles, channels, tanks and so on.
— painting of external shell, decks and holds
— cleaning and painting of ballast and cargo tanks.

All painting is performed after 100% sandblasting while maintaining obligatory painting technology:
— priming
— interlayer drying
— maintaining of certain temperature and moisture conditions
Painting of logos, images, texts is also possible.

Our qualified specialists will perform disassembling, repair and montage of ship pipelines.
— exchange works of stem generator pipes, repair of furnaces. It is also possible to build a new heat-recovery boiler from certified pipes followed by testing and providing to the Register inspection.
— pipe laying
— hull and pipelines isolation

All described works are covered by warranty.

«SRC» company performs professional lath works, including processing of small parts and assemblages of various complexity and with high purity surfaces. We can perform lath works according to your drawings or product sample. All operations are accomplished using universal equipment.

Our company can practically assert that our lath works are of the highest quality.

Our company in cooperation with JSC „Riga Shipyard” (AS Rīgas kuģu būvētava) performs building of new ships.

— building of towboats of ice class
— building of aluminium hulls